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24 June 2019
  • Latest News tab of TOP KAL has been added.
  • domain is active included the other games/categories.
  • will be always active and running for Top Kal-Online Private Servers.
  • TopOfServers's page created on facebook for discussing and share upcoming servers.
  • Like and follow TopOfServers's Page On Facebook to receive news.
  • You are able to add custom tags for your server, enter a good tags/words for your server and for the selected category, it will help in searching and SEO.
  • The counted votes is vote points , we have renamed it to Vote Points to be clear.
  • 1 Vote = 7 Vote points
  • Invoice is payable without registration , you can send link to someone else to pay invoice.
  • [Today hits] statistic added to dashboard for your advertised servers.

  • Short link has been added , it helping you to share a short link with your friends/players for your vote page.
  • Short link is :
  • You can create your custom short link for example ,
    in Edit/Add Server Page.
  • Shortlink is visible in server's details page.
  • ScrollUp button has been added at right bottom of pages.
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Violent Kalonline - Beta closed - Official Starts Wednesday 24th July ...
Official Opening : 24th Jul 2019 , 18:00

Latest 2019 Engine! Server is running on our own source code | 5 Classes [Include Shaman] | Low-Mid rate Server [LONG TERM] | Hanin Mirrors | Costumes + Weapon Skins | Training Center | New Areas (Never seen before) | Crafting | Monster Pets | Riding System | Guild Quests,Bank | Custom Lottery System | Channel System | Daily quests for all areas | New Battlefield (Never seen before) | Duel Tournaments | GvG| Protecting Leader | New Main City (Never seen before) | New Castlesiege | much more!

We're back once again with new server features never seen before. Lawless zone, Trade System, Rift System, RAID Mautareta, Unique Instance system(Dungeon 4 as instance), Profession Jobs(Herbalist,Pet Tamer,Enchanter,Handicraft). Over 60 skills were reworked(new damage formulas and totally new skills like Call of Evasion). Custom MAPS. Server Rate: 50x, Custom Drop rate.UPDATES EVERYDAY, NO P2W DONATION. More informations can be found on our discord, Join Us right now!

Kal Online
4 classes
engine 2017
mid rate