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Wraith of Kalonline - Official Started
Server Status: Official Started

2019 Engine l New Skills Efffects l Nirvana System l 4 Classes l Costumes | Real New Pets | DSS | F10 company | Battlefield (New map) | GVG | PVP Tournament | Custom Mautareta System l Lottery System l Daily Repeatable Quests l New Areas l Balanced Rates l Accessories Quests l Riding system l Fishing System l Custom Events l Rent system l Qigong System - Trigram System and much more....

KalOnline Server ? International Spawns ? Unique Quests ? Unique System ? Daily Quests ? Trigrams ? Hanin Mirrors ? Boses System with unique storys ? Pets System ? Nirvana ? 5 Characters ? Balanced Shaman ? Ride Pets ? Great Story Line ? Low Rate Server ? Stable ? New Server Protection and Hack Shield ? Many Event ? Active Team ? Latest Pimp System ? International Gears ? And Much More , Join Us

new engine
5 classes
latest engine
engine 2017
engine 2018
new ui
low rate

Latest 2019 Engine! Server is running on our own source code | 4 Classes [No Shaman] | Low-Mid rate Server [LONG TERM] | Hanin Mirrors | Costumes + Weapon Skins | Training Center | New Areas (Never seen before) | Crafting | Monster Pets | Riding System | Guild Quests,Bank | Custom Lottery System | Channel System | Daily quests for all areas | New Battlefield (Never seen before) | Duel Tournaments | GvG| Protecting Leader | New Main City (Never seen before) | New Castlesiege | much more!